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Q: Do your various barge models connect together?

A: YES! All of our barges use the same pinning system so they are easily compatible with one another.

  • Having always been intrigued by tug boats and heavy equipment as a youngster, the marine construction industry was the perfect fit for me as a 15 year old starting my first job. It was later in my career that I decided to take my love for marine construction a step further and start my own company. But what I quickly discovered was that it was nearly impossible to find a quality barge for sale in my price range. That’s when I decided to put my welding skills to good use and build my own barge right here on Canadian soil. This generated interest and before I knew it, I was taking bulk orders.

    After consulting with an engineer and marine architect, and then Transport Canada to navigate the legal requirements for Canadian Barge Builders, we began barge production full-time. A few years later and we have over 400 barges floating around Canada. As we scale upward, we hope to continue serving you as Canada’s #1 Barge Building company!

    Drake Cartier

    Drake Cartier

    Owner & CEO of Canadian Barge Builders

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